Frisian 1.9

This week’s starting video introduces you to Philippos, who has come from Greece to study in Groningen. He has already learned some Frisian. He is collected from the train by Henk, one of his teachers. You may have already grasped some of the conversation.

Now listen to the recorded MP3 file below, which retells the story in the 3d person:

Then try to answer the following questions:

  1. How do you say in Frisian: ‘Henk says …’?
  2. How do you say in Frisian: ‘Henk answers …’?
  3. How do you say in Frisian: ‘Philippos asks …’?
  4. How do you say in Frisian: ‘Henk collects Philippos from the train?’

If you would like feedback, please record your translations on Vocaroo and put the link in the comment section. You may also try to write down what you think you heard. Do not mind the spelling just yet – we will get to that later, first let us concentrate on what is being said.