Frisian 1.8

Below you will find the retold version of the first scene in this week’s starting video. Read it carefully, then translate it into English. You can check your translation by comparing it to the PDF attachment.

If you have any questions, you can post them in the comments section below this page.

Henk hellet Philippos fan de trein.
Henk: Hoi
Phi: A goeie!
Henk: Ik bin Henk. Bisto Philippos?
Phi: Ja, ik bin Philippos.
Henk: Wolkom yn Grins.
Phi: Wat seidest?
Henk: Wolkom yn Grins.
Phi: I didn’t understand that.
Henk: Wolkom yn Grins. Welcome to Groningen.
Phi: Dankjewol. Wêr wennesto, Henk?
Henk: Ik wenje yn Ljouwert. En wêr wennesto?
Phi: Ik wenje yn Atene. I am moving to Groningen. How do you say that in Frisian?
Henk: I am moving to Groningen? Ik ferhúzje nei Grins ta.
Phi: Ah okay! Do you also study Frisian, Nynke?
Henk: Nee, ik bin dosint. En do?
Phi: Ik studearje Minorities and Multilingualism, but I also want to learn Frisian. I also want to study Frisian. Ik wol ek Frysk studearje. Was that correct?
Henk: Jawis, dat wie tige by tige. Giest mei?

Translation (PDF)