Frisian 1.5

Watch the video above at least once and preferably a number of times. Listen carefully to the speakers and try to memorise what they say by repeating it.  Then try to translate the following phrases into Frisian by using the wordings in the video. You are not yet given a written form, just try to say the words and then listen to the audio file to check the accuracy of your translation.

  1. Hello! (two options).
  2. Welcome to Groningen!
  3. Welcome to Leeuwarden!
  4. Welcome to Athens!
  5. Hello, Liza! (two options).
  6. I study Frisian.
  7. Hello, I am Henk. (two options).
  8. I want (or: would like) a glass of chocolate milk.
  9. Would you like a glass of chocolate milk?
  10. Thank you!
  11. I live in Athens. Where do you live?
  12. Would you like a sandwich?
  13. I live in Groningen and I am moving to Leeuwarden.
  14. I live in Leeuwarden and I am moving to Amsterdam.

Are there parts of the conversation you are not sure what they mean? Or do some parts still sound like complete gibberish? No problem! There are still some comprehension exercises ahead. If, by the end of all of today’s lessons, there are still parts that sounds like gibberish to your ears, please tell us in the comment section and your fellow learners or your teachers will help you.